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Are you part of Nintendo?
No. And, yes, we know this is a massive copyright violation. Please don't sue us!

We're using the Nintendo logo and characters because we love them, and they were the direct inspiration for this project.

We'd like Nintendo to pay attention and come talk to us. If they don't, and we begin discussions with someone else, we will probably have to take the Nintendo name off.

Isn't this dangerous? What about insurance?
Good question. Yes, it's dangerous. Thanks Mom.

That said we've had no injuries so far, and would do a massive amount of safety engineering before the next stage of this project. That's what Imagineering is for!

In terms of insurance, we currently run this at the Streb Action Invention Lab where they have a strong insurance policy and a waiver that all participants must sign. We are developing our own independent waiver to cover the Nintendo Amusement Park equipment.
team [ a t ] nintendoamusementpark.com, or call 646..703..4144