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Nintendo Amusement Park is not just a fun idea, and is not just the bungee based prototype we have now. It is a larger vision for a new type of interactive entertainment, and a concrete 5-step development plan with an estimated cost for each phase.

Nintendo Amusement Park is actively seeking collaborators, sponsors, and investors for the next phases of the project.

We would like to build a version to be displayed at E3 2007 as part of game company's booth, and we think this will require approximately $250,000 without branding.

We have chosen to borrow the Nintendo name, and video game aesthetic, as they are the largest inspiration for this project, but we are interested in working with anyone who shares our vision.

We are looking for contacts and investors in event promotions, trade shows, stunts, gaming, amusement parks, and haptic engineering.

Our ideal partnership would be a collaboration with Nintendo and Disney Imagineering to develop an entirely new experience.

team [ a t ] nintendoamusementpark.com, or call 646..703..4144