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2006.05.17: 4 Color Rebellion
"From the looks of the demo video, breaking your arm after a mistimed jump seems just as likely as fulfilling your platformer dreams."

Thanks Rebellionaires! You should send a correspondent out to try it, you'd love it! We've had no injuries, and have tense enough bungees you can't even hit the floor very hard.
2006.05.17: Game Set Watch
"One does wonder if the pitch is an elaborate art-world hoax."

Thanks Simon! And no, it's not a hoax. Come try it!
2006.05.17: Press the Buttons

2006.05.16: Core 77

2006.05.16: Metafiltered

2006.05.16: We Make Money Not Art

2006.05.16:Noah quoted in Wired!

'Student Noah Shibley, one of the developers of a "Super Mario Brothers Themepark" is planning a funland where you strap into a bungee-corded parachute harness and bounce off the head of cartoonish turtles and up and down giant steps, accompanied by Super Mario Brothers boing boing noise with every step. "Our dream," said Shibley, "was Toyko Disney, co-sponsored by Disney and Nintendo."

Neither of those companies know about the Super Mario Themepark, but that hasn't stopped its creators from scheduling an event at the Streb Laboratory for Action Mechanics in New York this week, where members of the general public will get to run a mock-up course. Shibly figures the total project would take about $35 million. Venture capitol has gone to worse ideas.'

2006.05.10-11: Nintendo Amusement Park's was exhibited at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show 2006. We received a great response and had over 50 people sign up for our demo day.
team [ a t ] nintendoamusementpark.com, or call 646..703..4144